Corporate claims recovery

Maximize recoveries with continuous auditing

Vigilant AI has the technology and expertise to offer leading edge recovery audits for the retail, wholesale and logistics sectors. Leveraging advanced technology and analysis techniques including Artificial Intelligence, we scrutinize your vendor activity and unearth recoverable claims. Where your internal audit team and third-party accounting firms inevitably hit a wall of diminishing returns, we take on what remains and help you recover that elusive 2% of potential lost revenue.

Continuous recovery auditing means maximized returns

The latest advancements in technology not only means a robust interrogation of your claims data across 80+ categories powered by AI, but it also means that you can address claims on a continual basis and alleviate the pain at month end and year end. By continually identifying rebate, allowance, and penalty issues with your vendors this approach also allows you to continuously improve your claims recovery over time.

Where we help

•  Identify recoveries across 80+ categories of rebates, allowances, and penalties
•  Scrutinize 100% of transactions for claims analysis with advanced technology doing the heavy lifting
•  Improve processes to mitigate sales tax errors, customs complexities, and transport & logistics gaps

How we work with you

•  Initiate a secure stream of your data to our SaaS platform
•  Advanced algorithms scrutinize your data to unearth potential recoveries within the data
•  These discoveries are reviewed by a team of financial experts and a thorough report is provided to you that details opportunities and dollar value for recoverable revenue along with recommendations to avoid similar issues in the future
•  A team of accounting experts will initiate the recoveries on your behalf, right through to completion
•  With the value of the engagement now proven, we work with you to provide an ongoing solution that meets your needs

Powered by Clara AI

Vigilant AI partners with RTA to leverage their advanced Clara® technology platform in order to deliver this revolutionary, next-generation of claims recovery. Learn more about RTA and their Clara claims recovery technology here.

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