Verifiable zero trust cybersecurity

Verifiable zero-trust enforcement, monitoring, and reporting

Digital threats inside and outside of your corporate network are becoming more advanced with each passing day. Given limited resources and budget constraints, how can your organization stay on top of network security issues and avoid data breaches and information theft? Luckily end-to-end security monitoring, policy enforcement, auditing and reporting tools are advancing as well. Vigilant AI works with organizations to match them with robust yet simple to deploy solutions. 

The new landscape of cyber threats

While external threats such as malicious software, denial of service attacks, ransomware and data breaches pose a very serious problem, most experts agree that the majority of risk arise from insider threats including bad internal actors and employee complacency. How can an organization protect themselves from internal security threats? The answer is verifiable zero trust policy enforcement with the monitoring, audit and reporting capabilities to suit your organization’s needs.

Cyber defense statistics - internal threats
Reasons for increasing difficulty in detecting and preventing insider threats (Courtesy of Cybersecurity Insiders)
Protecting your internal network with verifiable zero-trust enforcement, monitoring, and reporting

Countering with advanced technology

Vigilant AI has partnered with CYDEF to provide enterprises with the best-in-class managed workstation security monitoring solution, called SMART-Monitor, that incorporates both standard malware and virus protection, and enforcement of workstation use policies using machine learning AI.

The machine learning AI rapidly identifies workstation patterns on the endpoint that fall outside of corporate policy, allowing for managed enforcement before data breaches occur, and generates auditable reports that showcase policy compliance across the enterprise.  

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